A Full House Of Micras For London Nissan Retailer

A LONDON Nissan dealership has recorded an unusual full house — getting all five generations of the iconic Nissan Micra on its forecourt on the same day.

It was pure chance that as well as the all-new Micra, the previous four generations of the hatchback were in for their services at Ancaster Penge, on Croydon Road.

Together with the new Micra in Energy Orange, there was a 2012 fourth-generation model, a 2010 version, a second generation Micra from 2000, and a first-generation model bought in 1989.

Mick Gallard, Nissan Group Sales Development Manager, said: “We couldn’t believe it when we looked at our workshop diary and saw that we had a Micra from every generation in at the same time as taking delivery of the new Micra. We had to get a picture to record the moment — it’s not something that happens every day!”

Keith Rodwell, owner of the oldest Micra on display, has had it serviced at Ancaster for the past decade.

He said: “I inherited the car from my father about 14 years ago who had owned it from new. It’s still only got 56,000 miles on the clock and has done me proud with much help over the years from Nissan and Ancaster. It’s been a great car.”

Micra 5 generations

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