Blog: Paul O’Neill thanks the network

IT’S AN absolute pleasure to be able to start my latest blog with a massive ‘thank you’.

As you will now be aware, September was the best ever month for LEAF in the UK, with sales breaking national and even European records.

Figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) showed we clocked up 851 sales during the month – up 156 per cent on the same month last year.

This smashed the previous record month (March 2014) when 630 were sold and represents the largest volume of Nissan LEAFs ever sold in one month in a European market.

Let me underline that: The UK now holds the European record for the most LEAFs sold in a single month.


This outstanding performance puts us well on track to hit our fiscal year sales target – a figure many thought unachievable when it was first announced – and clearly demonstrates just how far we’ve come since the Engage + Connect conference in April.

Despite increased competition in the EV market place, we remain the market leader by some considerable margin and have, in fact, extended our advantage over the chasing pack.

So, once again, please allow me to express my thanks and those of the whole Nissan EV and Nissan GB team for the contribution you have made to this continuing success story.

But (and I know you were all waiting for the ‘but’) now is the time we must renew our focus and concentrate on the little details that will lead the curious to test-drive the LEAF, convert prospects into sales and ensure Nissan remains the EV frontrunner.

Recent installations mean the Ecotricity Electric Highway now covers 80 per cent of the motorway network, and our communications campaign is delivering well and serving up many more serious seven-day test-drive prospects than we were anticipating.

Clearly this is fantastic news, but we need to make sure that we do not let ourselves down through a lack of care or attention to detail. It’s in our interests that test-drive customers enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience that shows the model at its very best.

For example, when a customer collects their test-drive car, we should remember they will, in the vast majority of cases, not have a domestic charge point installed and will be reliant on public charging infrastructure.

Therefore, we must ensure each demonstrator is supplied with all the cards and cables needed to access local charging infrastructure.

These are basic points but it’s crucial that we do not overlook the basics if we are to build momentum and push on to even greater success. I know we can do this!

Here’s to a fantastic quarter.

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