American LEAF owner completes 100,000 all-electric miles

January 2, 2014 • Cars, EV, News • Views: 763

AN American Nissan LEAF owner has just completed 100,000 miles in his all-electric car. In early 2011, Steve Marsh purchased a new Nissan LEAF for his 130-mile round-trip daily commute. Since then, he has racked up 100,000 miles in the car, using no petrol, creating no exhaust emissions and, by

New Qashqai: Introducing the world’s most parkable car

December 16, 2013 • Cars, New Qashqai, News • Views: 3905

BY DESIGNING and integrating innovative, first-in-class technologies, Nissan has created a car with a unique combination of technologies – making the new Qashqai the world’s most parkable car. Just like the original Qashqai, which pioneered the crossover segment, the all-new model feels

Radically different: Two new concepts unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show

November 20, 2013 • Cars, News • Views: 946

NISSAN has today unveiled a pair of concept cars with radically different characteristics, and created by a totally new approach to product development. The IDx concepts on the Nissan stand at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show are case studies. The first is a casual/lifestyle-focused vision, the IDx

‘Bladeglider could be the best handling production car in the world’

November 20, 2013 • Cars, News • Views: 963

NISSAN has unveiled its latest sports concept, the BladeGlider, a model which the company says will challenge conventional thinking on sports car performance. The BladeGlider features a radical front narrow track layout, where the front is significantly narrower than the rear, creating a swept-wing

The 2014 Nissan GT-R: A refreshed vision of innovation that excites

November 19, 2013 • Cars, News • Views: 1020

EVOLUTION never stops for the Nissan GT-R. Nissan’s iconic sports car delivers a refreshed vision of ‘innovation that excites’ with the introduction of the 2014 model offering a new level of sophistication, yet with no compromise in performance. The sales of 2014 Nissan GT-R begin

VIDEO: Innovative film shows how new Qashqai was brought to life

November 18, 2013 • Cars, New Qashqai, News • Views: 843

DESIGNING and engineering the next generation of Nissan’s iconic Qashqai was no easy task. An innovative approach and a relentless pursuit of quality and technology led to the creation of the car, which was revealed for the first time earlier this month. Now you can see the development of the

VIDEO: See for yourself how new Qashqai was revealed to the world

November 7, 2013 • Cars, New Qashqai, News • Views: 1128

NISSAN unveiled the most significant car in its modern history in London on November 7 – a model that will redefine the crossover sector and set new standards across the board. New Qashqai is coming – and you can still watch a video of the unveiling by clicking here. Reinvented from the ground

Revolutionary electric racecar is ready for next year’s Le Mans

October 17, 2013 • Cars, News • Views: 1258

NISSAN’S revolutionary ZEOD RC electric race car has been unveiled at the headquarters of Nissan’s performance arm, Nismo, in Yokohama. The Zero Emissions on Demand racer has gone from zero to ZEOD in a mere 33 weeks and will race next year at Le Mans after being invited by the Automobile