VIDEO: Gas powered everything

June 2, 2011 • News, Video • Views: 1276

NISSAN US has launched a new television advert which questions the notion ‘what if everything ran on gas?’ The 60-second commercial, which is slated for American TV screens on June 12, puts forward the idea that if Americans already use electrical items everyday, why not use the


May 21, 2011 • News, Video • Views: 1239

WE reported on the mad Nismo Nissan LEAF racing car last month but, to be honest, we didn’t have a huge amount of faith the car was ever going to make it to the track. Using the same powertrain and basic body shape as its road-going sister, the all-electric racing LEAF is for real. This

370Z races… A chicken

May 11, 2011 • News, Video • Views: 1274

IN contrast to Fifth Gear’s road-test of the Nissan 370Z, here is the sports car racing a chicken. We don’t understand, and nor should you to try to.

370Z review by Fifth Gear

April 22, 2011 • News, Video • Views: 2026

TIFF Needell gets his hands on the Nissan 370Z and takes it to the legendary dis-used home of the French Grand Prix, Reims.

Micra review by Flynns Carlow Nissan

April 9, 2011 • Video • Views: 1418

‘THIS is Ireland’s first video review of the brand-new Nissan Micra’ proudly proclaims Flynns Carlow’s Bob Flavin. Here is the Ireland-based Nissan dealer’s efforts:  

LEAF review by Auto Express

March 23, 2011 • Video • Views: 1733

AUTO Express take the LEAF out onto the streets of Spain to give the all-electric car a full work-out.