Company Commits To Eco Future With Nissan LEAF

A THRIVING independent building services company has taken the next step to a more environmentally friendly future, by adding four new Nissan LEAF to its fleet.

Sowga, with offices in London, Pulborough and Bristol, purchased the four black LEAFs from Bishops Nissan in Guildford, and they will be used as pool cars for staff, and also for business trips to both London and Southampton — cities that are working hard to improve air quality.

The cars will be based at their Pulborough office, with charging units fitted there and at the homes of the staff who will be using them.

Sowga, which provides a range of services, from building maintenance and energy management, to fire detection and alarms and CCTV, has a fleet of 33 vehicles for the many works it undertakes from cars to vans and trucks.

Aaron Guidice, Commercial Director and Deputy Managing Director, said: “As we are a company always striving to meet energy efficiency goals for our clients and lowering their carbon footprint, we felt adding zero-emission electric vehicles to our current fleet further emphasised our commitment to being an environmentally conscious organisation.”

While the Nissan LEAF, with its 40 kWh battery and extended range, zero emissions mobility and innovative e-Pedal and ProPILOT technologies, takes Sowga to a new level of eco-friendly practice, the company has made several steps towards a greener future.

Staff share car journeys together, some London engineers cycle to and from work, and the company tries to use as many local wholesalers as possible to reduce the miles taken to deliver materials. It’s also aiming to become completely paperless, recycles electronic waste and any paper it does use, and has obtained ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation.

“We’ve owned hybrid vehicles in the past,” added Aaron. “But we felt that we needed to go one step further. The new Nissan LEAF is a fantastic car that helps us exceed our eco targets, meets the needs of our staff and in the long run will save our company a substantial sum of money in terms of running costs and service and repair.”

The new Nissan LEAF — with its dynamic new front end and signature ‘floating roof’ — comes with game-changing advanced driver assistance with the innovative e-Pedal as well as ProPILOT and ProPILOT Park.

The e-Pedal gives motorists a whole new way to drive, allowing them to start, accelerate and stop using just one pedal, making every journey simpler and more enjoyable.

ProPILOT is also part of the package, taking the stress out of driving by automatically controlling the steering, acceleration and braking on single-lane highways, while ProPILOT Park assists in similar ways, guiding the car safely into a space and making parking effortless.

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