February Dealer Brand Ambassadors Announced

THREE dealer employees celebrated the start of Spring after being named a ‘‘Brand Ambassador Of The Month’ for February.

The monthly award, which is open to all staff in the Nissan retail network, recognises an individual’s outstanding commitment to customers and colleagues. It is designed to celebrate best practice and exceptional individual performance, and in February saw Sophie Turell of RRG Bury, Steve Whittaker of Pentagon Barnsley and Adam Collins of Richmond Motor Services winning praise from NMGB directors and 350 N-GAGE points each.

Service Advisor Sophie Turrell at was nominated by RRG Bury Dealer Principal Anthony Rubio. He said: “Sophie took a customer’s car back to her and whilst she was there the customer advised her that she had bought a new vacuum cleaner and was struggling putting it together, so Sophie connected it all up for her, checked it was working correctly, took her old one away and took it to the tip for her. That’s going above and beyond and really looking after our customers.”

The Dealer Principal at Pentagon Barnsley, Jonathan Bee, nominated Steve Whittaker for going out of his way to help a customer.

“Steve was busy with a customer at his desk when he noticed someone struggling trying to remove something from her car outside,” he said. “He asked his customer if it was okay for him to see if she wanted any help before then going to her aid. The lady had an autistic child who was refusing to be removed from the car. Steve calmed the child and after the woman had been dealt with by the service team, he took her home afterwards. Amazing customer care and child calming skills were shown.”

Adam Collins at Richmond Motor Services was put forward by his Dealer Principal, Andrew Townson, for continuously showing exemplary customer-focused behaviour.

“As an example, I received a phone call from a customer, passing on his delight with attention to customer service with regards to himself and his vehicle,” said Andrew. “Although Adam is the Parts Manager, One Saturday, there was a customer that came into the business, after closing time, although Adam was still working. He greeted the customer to be faced with an extremely unhappy, aggressive and swearing service customer due to a part that was on back order and his car was not available. With Adam’s previous knowledge of customer service from being Parts Manager and Service adviser at one of his previous jobs and calm demeanor from being a firefighter and controlling stressful situations, he gained control of the situation and calmed the customer down as the customer was very aggressive to him. Adam sat the customer down and offered him a drink and got down to the same calm level and spoke about the situation. The customer required a vehicle as he was going down south and expected his car to be ready. Unfortunately, all of the loan vehicles were out to other customers. Adam used his quick thinking and thought of where another vehicle was that the customer could use to help him out. He called me as I had a vehicle at my house that the customer could use. Adam offered to take the customer that Saturday to my house (over 30 miles away) to get the vehicle to resolve the customer’s situation. The customer said he could not go on the Saturday to get the vehicle as he was due to attend a wedding in the next hour. Adam offered to go to the customer’s house, the next day (Sunday) to collect the customer and take him over 30 miles to my house to get the vehicle. The customer was as highly impressed with Adam and his customer focused service as I am.”

The Brand Ambassador of The Month awards will continue throughout 2019 and senior staff are invited to nominate their best team members over the coming months.

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