Hull Nissan Dealer At Centre Of Media Buzz

A NISSAN dealer in Hull has been at the centre of a media buzz as it helps a customer whose Juke has become home to a colony of 20,000 bees.

Shirley Taylor, who lives in East Hull, came home from an outing last week to discover that her blue 15-plate Nissan Juke — which she bought from Trenton Nissan in Hull less than a year ago — had suddenly become a hive.

Newspapers and television journalists have swarmed to her home to get a glimpse of the colony, which is located under the bonnet, while staff at Trenton Nissan have been assisting local beekeepers with information about how to clear it from intricate engine parts and wiring systems.

Trenton’s Director Andy Woodhall said: “Once Shirley’s Nissan Juke is completely clear, we want to give her some peace of mind, so we are going to give it a thorough final check over, a full valet and give it a Supagard paint treatment as well.”

Shirley said: “Apparently the story of my car is everywhere and my friends are saying I’ve gone viral! But Trenton have been in touch and offered me a lot of peace of mind, so soon I shall be able to drive my car again.”

Shirley’s bee infestation came just weeks after a similar incident at a Nissan dealership in Scotland.

Western Nissan in Edinburgh had to call in beekeepers to clear a colony from a CARED4 used Nissan Micra on its forecourt.

A small swarm of bees took residence in the grille of the 17-plate Micra, but they were cleared quickly.

Sales Manager Andrew Oag said: “I’ve certainly not seen anything like it before, it created quite a stir. Hopefully the bees have found a more suitable home now!”

Nissan bees

Beekeepers try to rid Shirley Taylor’s Nissan Juke of the colony which made its home in the bonnet.


In Edinburgh, beekeepers were needed to rid a Nissan Micra of a small swarm of bees.

In Edinburgh, beekeepers were needed to rid a Nissan Micra of a small swarm of bees.


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