New Nissan LEAF Tour: Day 4

DAY 4: Bristol to Land’s End

Ok, so driving a super-comfy car with all the latest onboard tech may not be much of a hardship.

And furthermore I’ll concede that having a toasty warm bum may not be totally comparable to a trainer full of blisters.

But still, having completed the journey from John O’ Groats to Lands End no matter what my mode of travel, means I put myself firmly in the Ian Botham bracket.

In truth, the journey all 850-odd miles of it was no challenge at all. Up hill, down dale and through snow, ice and lashing rain, the LEAF proved itself super comfortable and super capable.

And despite visiting some of the most remote parts of the country, the charging network also proved up to scratch. There was never a point where I felt vulnerable to running out of charge.

When I set off on my journey in the snowy north on Monday morning the aim wasn’t to break any records or prove any points.

Instead we were looking to gauge reaction to this incredible, game-changing car across the Nissan network. And what we learned, beyond doubt, is that Nissan dealers nationwide are as excited to be selling the new LEAF as we were to be driving it.

The mood across the network is one of real optimism. Everyone recognised that the brand has a real winner on its hands with the new LEAF and they’re all well behind it.

Of course no day on the road for me would be complete without a smidge of embarrassment. Last night this came in the form of falling asleep in a busy city centre restaurant while I waited for my dinner. The lovely waitress took pity on me and took my meal back to the kitchen to keep it warm. The group next to me though woke me up as my snoring was apparently drowning out the music.

All that’s left now is the journey home with a couple more dealer visits crammed in on the way for good measure.

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