Nissan Almera Plays Its Part In Baby’s Speedy Arrival

THERE was delivery drama in Maidstone after a woman gave birth in the family’s Nissan en route to hospital.

Baby Tommi had been due to arrive via caesarean but he was not prepared to wait and on a busy Saturday afternoon, was born in the passenger footwell of the Nissan Almera owned by mum Suvi Stevens and dad, Mike, who was driving down single-track country lanes to get them to Pembury Hospital in Tunbridge Wells.

Suvi, 40, of Tarragon Road, said: “Mike was on the phone to the paramedics and they kept saying ‘you have to pull over’ — but there was simply nowhere to do that. It was complete panic.

“Eventually we found a driveway to a manor house and stopped there. Our daughter, Ava, who is almost six years old, was in the back seat and was obviously quite scared by it all, but she did great.”

Mike, with the help of the paramedics over the phone, delivered the healthy 8lb 2oz Tommi almost as soon as they stopped, before a passing off-duty fireman called Sean, gave assistance until two ambulances arrived shortly after.

“We’ve only just got over the shock of it,” added Suvi. “We’d had a bit of a traumatic time delivering Ava, and obviously there was nothing on hand this time, had anything gone wrong. All I had was the grip handle above the door — which proved to be invaluable to be honest.

Mike, 39, said: “I can only describe the experience as terrifying — going from being just an expectant dad to, essentially, a lifesaver. The hospital had deemed Tommi as a high-risk birth and so my main worry was that both of them would be OK.”

Nearby Nissan dealership, Motorline Maidstone, has congratulated the family on their new addition, saying they hope the family enjoy many more adventures, but with less dramatic journeys in future.

Suvi and Mike Stevens with their new arrival, baby Tommi, and their Nissan Almera.


Baby Tommi Stevens, born in his parent’s Nissan.

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