Nissan business centres win Experteye Award

NISSAN’s growing UK network of 54 specialist business centres has been recognised in the prestigious Experteye Awards 2016.

The brand topped the Best Fleet Dealer Network (Sales) category as a result of positive feedback from more than 40,000 company car drivers.

This was collected through Touchpoint, Experteye’s driver satisfaction survey, which requests driver feedback after key events such as vehicle delivery, servicing, tyre replacement, windscreen and glass repair and replacement, vehicle breakdown, use of pool vehicles and when a driver suffers an accident.

When the data was analysed, Nissan was found to provide the best service to fleet drivers in the ordering and delivery of vehicles.

Presenting the award, Rick Yarrow, Managing Director of Experteye, said: “This category is based purely on direct driver feedback taken immediately after delivery of their new vehicle, making it a very tough one to win.”

“This is when the service experience is fresh in each driver’s mind, and all results are based on independent feedback from company car drivers, making Nissan deserved winners of the best fleet dealer network for new vehicle sales for 2016.”

Barry Beeston, Corporate Sales Director, at Nissan Motor (GB), said: “We are absolutely delighted to have won this award, particularly as it is based on real and impartial feedback from our customers.

“Over the past years we have worked very hard to improve the systems and practices in our business centre network and we have put a new team in place to manage and support these improvements.

“Moving forward, we will continue to develop our specialist business sales network to continually improve the services we offer.”


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