‘Nissan Customer POWER’ Training Begins At NMGB

NISSAN Motor GB (NMGB) is about to deliver the new ‘Nissan Customer POWER’ training programme to circa 185 head office employees – a specialised workshop that is designed to help take the Nissan customer experience to an unprecedented level.

The Europe-wide training, which will be delivered to all Sales and Marketing personnel based at the manufacturer’s Maple Cross UK headquarters, focuses on strengthening the brand’s ‘customer centric’ approach. It is additional to all current training, providing those attending with new skills on how to consider the impact their role has on customers and a more in-depth analysis of what is required to far exceed customers’ expectations.

Encompassing nearly four hours of intensive training, the workshop explores the entire customer journey in precise detail, highlighting where best practice in an array of situations can play a pivotal role in guaranteeing customer satisfaction and driving forward Nissan’s vision for the future.

Delegates will immerse themselves in the whole customer experience, covering both Sales and After Sales, and view it from the perspective of an existing Nissan owner or potential owner.

Through their daily interaction with the dealer network, attendees will then be able to share their learnings so that the reach and benefit of the training are fully optimised.

The first workshops will commence this month with the programme completing in December.

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