Nissan Scouts Talent To Replace Gareth Bale

NISSAN – the official Global Automotive Sponsor of the UEFA Champions League – has scouted a young student to star alongside Global Ambassador and Manchester City star, Sergio Agüero, in its latest commercial.

Ana Rueda Hernandez, 24, a student and part-time baker from Madrid, was drafted in by Nissan to replace Global Ambassador and Real Madrid star Gareth Bale, who was unable to take part in the filming of the commercial due to injury.

Ana was surprised by Bale in a video message inviting her to take his place on the shoot, alongside Agüero – a stark contrast to her day-to-day life spent studying, playing football for her local team CD Magerit and helping out in her mum’s bakery.

The Real Madrid fan, whose favourite player also happens to be Bale, said: “I still don’t believe it, I am so excited this is happening to me. I have been playing football in the streets with my brothers since I was a child and now to be picked up as Gareth Bale’s substitute is incredible. Gareth is my favourite player anyway — I wish I had the same left leg!”

Bale even surprised Ana while she was filming and expressed his delight that his substitute was a female player: “I think it’s an amazing idea, and to give people chances, experiences and journeys that they would probably never get to experience is amazing. I’m sure she’ll do great!”

Whilst filming alongside Agüero, Ana was even able to pick up some tips from the Argentinian striker, to take to the pitch: “At the beginning I was really nervous, but after a few minutes we started speaking in Spanish and telling each other about our lives, he was great.”

Vice President for Marketing Nissan Europe, Jean-Pierre Diernaz said: “The UEFA Champions League sponsorship has provided Nissan with access to some of the most passionate football fans in the world, and in return we promised to deliver fans unexpected access to the most exciting tournament on the planet. This is just one example of how we have been able to deliver this. We’re thrilled to be able to offer Ana the journey of a lifetime.”

The new Nissan commercials starring Ana and Agüero will be on air from the Spring.

Left, Ana Ruedo Hernandez with Sergio Aguero and the player she has replaced in the new commercial, Gareth Bale.

Left, Ana Rueda Hernandez with Sergio Aguero and the player she has replaced in the new commercial, Gareth Bale.


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