Speedy Six-Year-Old Continues Family’s Karting Legacy

THE youngest member of a prolific Cumbrian go-karting family, which runs a thriving Nissan dealership, has taken to the track to continue their winning ways.

Jorge Edgar, who is just six years old, is a member of the Edgar family, which has run J. Edgar and Son in Rowrah near Frizington for almost 100 years.

His father, Jason — also Dealer Principal at the Rowrah Road showroom — uncle Justin, and grandfather Terry, are all multiple British Karting Championship winners.

Meanwhile his cousin, Jonny, 13, is blazing a trail in the youth circuit and has just won the OK Junior category of the European Championship standings.

So Jorge is continuing the family way and is competing in the youngest class in the sport, for six to eight year olds. He races at various locations around the country as part of the Bambino Kart Club.

As well as mentoring advice and support from the family, the young racers also have the added bonus of a state-of-the-art workshop above the Nissan service centre, and assistance from the dealership’s technicians.

Jason said: “Jorge is just starting out on his karting career and is having a lot of fun, which is the most important thing at his young age. He races once a month and he loves it.

“We’re all rooting for Jonny at the moment as well, as he looks to take the European Championship. He’s done incredibly well, and we’re all very proud of him.”


Jorge Edgar, six, in action


Jorge Edgar, six, and his sister, Jessica, in the family's trophy room.

Jorge Edgar, six, and his sister, Jessica, in the family’s trophy room.

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