Wessex Garages Showcases Nissan LEAF At Techniquest

ON Thursday 18th October, Wessex Garages Nissan in Cardiff showcased the impressive all-electric LEAF at the Techniquest ‘After Hours: Into the Future’ event.

Hosted by Techniquest, the UK’s longest established science centre, at its purpose-built Cardiff Bay facility; the event offered visitors a peek into the future of technology and gave them the opportunity to immerse themselves in cutting-edge virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

In addition to talks from Nissan about future technology and its ambitions in terms of EVs and energy services, Carl Thorne, the Electric Vehicle specialist from the Nissan showroom on Hadfield Road, Cardiff, introduced guests to the many attributes of the latest Nissan LEAF.

The evening was a great success with over 400 people in attendance, with many of those trying the LEAF for size and enjoying an insight into how its advanced, electronically-assisted driving functions work.

As a result of Carl’s presentation, a number of visitors have now made appointments to test drive the dealership’s Nissan LEAF demonstrator.

The Electric Vehicle Specialist said: “Techniquest was the ideal setting to showcase the LEAF, and we were thrilled to be able to chat to like-minded people about the car’s technology. It was a hugely successful evening and we were delighted to be a part of it.”

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