VIDEO: World-famous artist Stephen Wiltshire recreates all-new Micra’s memorable design

WORLD-famous artist Stephen Wiltshire has accurately recreated the expressive design of the all-new Nissan Micra — after only studying it for 60 seconds.

Stephen, who is best known for his vast paper drawings of city skylines, as has a photographic memory and took on the challenge issued by Nissan to use a new artist’s tool to draw the new Micra — Google’s Tilt Brush.

He used the innovative virtual reality creative app, which allows people paint in 3D using the HTC Vive VR headset, to create the visual masterpiece, in a London warehouse.

Stephen said: “I like the Micra. It’s very futuristic and I love the orange colour. I like the shape and I like the lights and the strong line down the side. It’s a very clean design.”

The new Nissan Micra is the fifth generation, and is a huge progression from the model it is replacing. Now positioned at the very heart of the European B-segment hatchback market, its expressive design is one of its key strengths.

Featuring dynamic proportions, the fluid lines are further enhanced by a vibrant palette of bold colours. The premium styling continues inside the cabin, with a contemporary ‘gliding wing’ dashboard. Soft-touch materials and two-tone upholstery are standard across the range.

Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Vice President of Marketing, Nissan Europe, commented: “The all-new Micra is a true expression of our Innovation That Excites brand promise and we really want to emphasise that.”

He added: “We believe the new Micra’s design is very memorable, and challenging Stephen to draw the car – and doing so using the innovative Tilt Brush app by Google – is a great way to communicate that.”

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